19 07 2008

Contributed by: Dr. DominatRhix

You’re guilty of flirting if you find yourself fluttering your eyelashes at that cute new neighbor, giving a random guy that sexy flip of the hair, tilting your head to the side when talking to a guy friend, etc.

But don’t be ashamed, there’s nothing wrong with flirting! Truth is, flirting is nature’s solution to quickly and safely judge the value of potential mate without “going all the way.”

If you’re new to flirting, or want to enhance your flirting prowess, these key words may help you attract others to you.

F– is for flatter. The fastest way to a person’s heart is by complimenting them. Find something you really like about that person: their hair perhaps, their clothes, the way they smell, etc. Of course you need to be sincere.

L– is for listen. People love when you listen to them, it shows that you are really interested in that person and really care what they are talking about.

I– is for intimacy. Keep your body language open and inviting: make eye contact, lightly touch the person’s hand or arm when telling a story, toss your head back when you laugh. Smile, it will show the person that you are friendly and nice. If you smile, you might get one back.

R– is for responsible. Don’t lie, don’t send mixed messages, be yourself. Men see the world in more sexual terms than women so, men find it particularly difficult to interpret the more subtle cues in a woman’s body language and tend to mistake friendliness for sexual interest.

T– is for trust. Trust yourself, be confident, bold, and daring. Trust yourself that you will come out knowing that even if you didn’t get the guy/girl that you wanted, you definitely have made their day.

Source: http://www.femalenetwork.com/love-lust/flirt/




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