Straight from the VICE (1)

21 07 2008

Contributed by: Acer (Vice Pervert Bautista)

oh well, the LXPress is now alive and kicking! congratulations fellow perverts!

firstly, i’m so proud to be part of this distinguished league formed around the extraordinary tandem of chico and delamar…they’re the most perverted duo in radio. walang sinabi yung mga nasa 90.7, 97.1, 89.9 etc…why, you ask? coz chico and delamar are perverts that dish off sexual thoughts in STYLE! right?

secondly, don’t forget to read the disclaimer. take it to heart: swallow it whole or spit it out! don’t say we didn’t warn you!

thirdly, enjoy the site…hot or cold, wet or dry, up or down…lxp cares! 😉

lastly, as part of our pubic service, este, cubic service, este, public service…i encourage you guys to write me suggestions, questions, sexual problems, etc. you can also share your stories. confidentiality is a must, haha! if that’s possible…or you can pretend to be someone else! hehe!…anything that tickles your fancy…i’ll try to answer or comment on them with all my heart, soul, and _____. please feel free to put them on the comment box! 😉 if i can’t, i’ll always ask help from our fellow distinguished board, especially, joe and dru! haha!…

o cya, tama na ang kahibangan na ito! c u around!!!




3 responses

27 07 2008

finally, a website that really describes you! (just kidding!)
are you sure, u can handle all this?
good luck and have fun!

6 08 2008

hey, san yung “contact me” ? para may susulatan ng mga lab prablem. 😀

6 08 2008

onga naman, write to! 😉

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