Orgasm Myths

21 08 2008

Contributed by: Dr. DominatRhix

Let’s eradicate some of the commonly perceived myths surrounding female sexuality and orgasm!

MYTH – A woman must have an orgasm to feel sexually satisfied.

TRUTH – Many women can be satisfied with or without an orgasm. Although general consensus agrees that it is preferable to have an orgasm with every sexual experience, many women often feel physically and emotionally satisfied even when they don’t have one. The problem arises when the female consistently fails to experience orgasm after every sexual encounter.

MYTH – Vaginal orgasms are better than clitoral orgasms.

TRUTH – All women have different preferences when it comes to orgasm. Some women enjoy the sensation of a clitoral orgasm, while others enjoy the intensity of the vaginal orgasm. For example, there exists a small percentage of women who find stimulation of the G-Spot irritating. One erogenous zone is not better than the other – it is simply a matter of individual preference.

MYTH – A circumcised penis decreases a woman’s ability to experience orgasm.

TRUTH – A circumcision removes about 33% – 50% of penile tissue. Some circumcised men reportedly experience a lack of sensitivity when engaged in sexual activity. However, there has been no formal study conducted on the connection between circumcised men and a woman’s ability to orgasm. Essentially, it all adds up to personal preference. Some women prefer one over the other, while other women simply could not be bothered with the difference.

MYTH – Condoms affect a woman’s ability to orgasm.

TRUTH – Condoms are an effective and necessary method of contraception. Some men complain that condoms cause decreased sensitivity during sexual intercourse, thus making it harder for them to orgasm. Some women do make the same complaint. Generally, however, the condom does not interfere with female orgasm (especially with clitoral orgasm.) If a woman does find the condom to be getting in the way of her orgasm then she can try specialised condoms designed for her pleasure (i.e. the ribbed condom.)

MYTH – The larger the penis, the greater the chance of female orgasm.

TRUTH – The old saying “it’s not the size, it’s how you use it” holds an accurate amount of truth. Penis size has no effect on a woman’s ability to orgasm. Both smaller and larger penises alike can offer the same amount of pleasure for a woman. This is mostly because there are hardly any nerve endings in the far end of the vagina, so size truly does not make a difference. Considering that the G-Spot is only located about two inches deep within the vagina, the average-sized penis can stimulate it very easily.





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