Warning Signs of a Relationship Headed for the Rocks

24 10 2008

Contributed by: Dr. DominatRhix

troubled_relationship.jpgI have talked to a lot of women who cry over their relationship. I listen closely each time and wonder, with all the bad things happening and the way she is being treated, why is she even staying?

Are you also going through the same thing? Then it’s time to figure out your relationship. It might have changed over the years, and maybe this is no longer the relationship you wanted before. Here are warning signs that your relationship is in trouble.

Frequent fighting.
You fight about big issues and bicker on minor ones. Maybe, both of you are quick-tempered, and sometimes you can’t seem to find anything nice to say. There’s hostility every time you talk. As a result, being with your partner is not fun anymore, and you feel happier when you are doing different things; you’d rather go out with friends than go on a date with him.

Diminished or lack of sex life. If physical intimacy is gone, there’s definitely a problem. It usually stems from a really bad sex life or unresolved problems that developed into distaste between the two of you. One of you might start fantasizing about another person, and that might eventually lead to unfaithfulness.

Cheating. This is the most common, obvious, and, I believe, most painful sign (if not the cause) that your relationship is headed for the rocks. It is never an accident but a result of discontent and tarnished self-concept. When this happens, the relationship will never be the same. It is difficult to forgive and quite impossible to forget. Consequently, it will be very difficult to recuperate from the trauma and loss of trust.

Growing separately and building different dreams. This is the saddest sign of all. While one dreams of living abroad in hopes of a better life, the other insists on staying in spite of initially agreed upon plans of migrating.

These are just some of the warning signs of a troubled relationship. There are other soft signs that warrant immediate attention and action. Maintaining a responsible and happy relationship is a challenge. Take action before your problems develop into an irresolvable situation. Talk to your partner, communicate, and invite him to new activities to avoid boredom. Discover things together.

Both parties should take part in nurturing the relationship. If sexual activities become routine, engage in adventurous sex: try doing it in different places or use paraphernalia. You can also try seeking professional help from a marriage counselor or sex therapist.

Remember, you have to exhaust all efforts before you throw in the towel. Sometimes beauty comes after chaos. But if you think it is really hopeless, don’t force it, baby. Move on, journey through life with grace, and one day, your greatest love will find you.

Source: http://www.femalenetwork.com/love-lust/warning-signs-of-a-relationship-headed-for-the-rocks/




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27 10 2008

three checkmarks… tsk, tsk…

1 11 2008
twisted sunshine

*hugs bursky* try to patch things up with her ha 😀

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