Straight from the VICE (5) – THE invention!…a glimpse of what we get from the daily “unofficial” rusher confe

1 11 2008

wow! it’s nice to be back. i was working on a “sex addict” article since september but it was too technical than expected and so i guess it will take some time for me to actually finish that one.

and well, it’s been a whirlwind for me this last two months…pressing business commitments, losing weight schemes, recurring sickness from fatigue and stress, missing the morning rush forum, being active on the TMR top ten almost all october, joining the now “unofficial” conference, blah blah…in the end, it’s nice to be back! 😉

now, before i proceed, check out this scene from the george clooney film, Burn After Reading:

everybody who has been to the “unofficial” morning rush YM conference and the soon-to-be-back (hopefully!) official forum knows how things can get hot, sleazy, and perverted sometimes (or often). the last few days were not an exception.

i can only relay stuffs that went on while i was there. so here goes:

the first sign that sleaziness will again dominate the conference was when Burn was “burning” with inuendos of hot stuffs and it culminated with a question…”what’s the body part of a boy and a girl that doesn’t sweat?”

oh boy! you should have seen the chatting that followed that question. it made people guess, research, and “test”! hahaha!

the exchanges lead to someone saying, “plok-plok” and the imagination of everyone on the conference went wild! ah, that sound! was it from a sticky liquid squirting and hitting a surface, a knorr cube plunging into boiling water, or two bodies hitting/banging each other?

it lead me to say that the sound is actually followed by eeek-eeek then Oh my God!.

eeek-eeek, of course, does not stand for “every evening enchanted kingdom (e.e.e.k — cornball!)” it’s the sound of a screaching bed, papag, seat, wooden floor, or even table for strike anywhere adveturers when two bodies hit or bang each other hard!

the expression following it is, of course, a given especially for those scandal (or intimate, sometimes), voyeur, “corn” (as c & d puts it) – watching / loving warm-blooded mammals like you and me (admit it!).

anyway, i logged out of the conference and a few hours later, i was back and the conference rushers were talking about an invention. i was lost especially when they said that i had something to do with it. i was demanding to be enlightened and they sent me the link to the youtube video i posted above about Harry’s invention. i watched it and voila! the greatest invention ever made for the ladies out there!

it was christened and called the “Lazy Girl” (i also saw jacke posting and sharing it on plurk), something the ladies who worked hard all day, whether at home or at the office, can indulge in for rocking fun and satisfaction! and wait, there’s more! jacke says it comes with a free remote for motion control if you buy immediately! limited stocks only! who coined it? was it twistedsunshine, jackemon, or purplerose?

it was mr. and mrs. purlperose who stumbled upon this youtube video and shared it (i don’t know how they discovered this video, hehe!). apparently, it proved the “plok-eeek-eeek–OMG!” sequence i theorized.

oh well, the ones i shared here doesn’t even give justice to how perverted and sleazy the conference can be. delamar experienced it during the one time she joined while chico naturally shines in the confe coz he’s simply the best respectable pervert around!

if you want to join the YM conference of certified rushers, check out (i really do fervently hope it returns soon!) or leave a message at

till next time. enjoy rocking the chair! 🙂




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