Diver Fashion (and something more)

8 11 2008

Contributed by MasterBather (do we need to say more?)

hey! i’m on a roll here!!! (LOL) or i might just be lucky enough to find some ‘interesting’ stuff on the internet lately. or i may just not be working hard enough to let myself get busy with work and keep on surfing aimlessly. 😀 heehee… but what the heck! enjoy it while it lasts, while there are still plenty of fish in the sea.

just found some really ‘interesting’ shirt prints (notice how i always have to put single quotes on the word interesting). i’m really guessing that these would be perfect Christmas gifts for people who are into diving (hint, hint). 😉 Here are some samples:

This post is lovingly dedicated to our Chief LXP-er and President, Chico Garcia and his sidekick, Delamar, who are oh so into diving. 😀 pili na kayo. i’m sure may isang shirt na babagay sa inyo.

hmmm… the quest for the bearded clam is really interesting.

All shirt designs and photos from here.




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