Top Seven Women’s Sexual Fantasies

30 12 2008

Contributed by: Dr. DominatRhix

So tell us, what are your sexual fantasies? 😉

You could consider that a rhetorical question. Since we’re not expecting you to share it with us (of course, most of us would want to keep these things private), we’ll just tell you the most common sexual fantasies women have.


Not only will this help you realize you’re not a freak (thinking you’re the only one having those fantasies), the best part is how you can share this with your man—let this article do the talking for you, if you’re still a bit abashed by telling him the new kinky things you’d want him to do.

Femalenetwork Love/Lust columnist, Dr. Majoe Juan Badiola, recently discussed one of the most common female sexual fantasies: that of coercion or being forced by a man into the act. In FHM’s September 2008 issue, Sex Guru Asia Agcaoili lists the top seven fantasies women have. Here they are in brief:

1. Being watched. One of the best female fantasies actually involves being fantasized about. There just may be a bit of a show girl in every woman.

2. Having multiple partners. Some women will never admit to wanting this, but according to Asia, this crosses women’s minds more often than a lot of women would admit. But it rarely involves having another girl as the third person.

3. Sex with a stranger. More commonly known as one night stand, it involves getting down and dirty with a hot stranger she just met at a bar—then completely forgetting about it.

4. Getting it on with a co-worker…in the office. The risk involved in having sex in the workplace makes the act so desirable but also something women would rather leave to their imagination.

5. Being sexually involved with a man in a relationship. This stems from love of the challenge and being made to feel more beautiful, says Asia.

6. Tying someone else up or being tied up. The power struggle involved in sadism and masochism seems to strongly arouse passion in a lot of women (and men).

7. Videotaping the act. Do you secretly dream of being a porn star in your own little world? Asia believes this is what drives this sexual fantasy, apart from the more practical reason of being able to watch your performance after passionate sex. It’s risky, however, given all the sex scandals we know too well.





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