How Do You Measure Love?

20 02 2009

Contributed by: Dr. DominatRhix


It would be tall order to try, but how about if we measure how much we love a person against something else we love, such as sunshine, mid-morning walks, and the love of another person?

A creative studio actually built a website,, devoted to just this: discovering “real things we use as measuring stick for love.”


The website encourages people to fill in the blank with things which they love second only to the person they love and share it with the rest of the online community. “We believe that you can never really evaluate the value of something unless you measure it up to something else,” reads the site.

Posts fall under different categories, such as “eatables,” “wax poetic,” “pop culture,” and “if you only knew,” among others. Answers range from the typical “I love you more than I love myself” and heartbreaking “I love you more than I’m allowed to say,” to the more candid “I love you more than sex,” “I love you more than Christian Bale loves the word ‘f*ck,’” and “I love you more than Obama loves change.”

So how much do you love that special person in your life—or that person you love in secret? Post your answer on this site and share it with the whole world! There’s never too much love to go around.

Some of these answers would, in fact, make better Hallmark card blurbs, don’t you think? 😀




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