Asian Pop

15 04 2009

i’ve never been a fan of J-Pop or K-Pop or any of those asian pop groups. i was never familiar nor did i idolize any of the F4 members. actually, when you tell me asian pop groups, F4 is the only one that comes to mind.

but my dear, dear officemate has a broad knowledge of these groups! and, according to her during our walks towards the jeepney terminal under the katipunan flyover, there are ‘closet J-/K- Pop fans’ everywhere! nahihiya lang daw kasi.

and somehow, i’m a little influenced na din kasi lagi siya nagpo-post on plurk about them! and one of the latest, and funniest of them — “The BREAST Game.” 😀

I wonder if we could make The Hunks or whichever macho group we have in the Philippines do what these guys are doing. 😀 heehee… baka mauna pang tumili sina Sam at Piolo. 😛




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