straight from the vice (8) – the one year hump

16 07 2009

one year hump

in the morning rush forum (, there’s a topic inside random thoughts called “first thought” that asks us to write what comes to mind first when you see a certain word. it’s simple actually.

someone called astroboy posted the word RADIO and the next one named sasha purse posted CHICO AND DELAMAR…then sasha purse posts GREEN and the next one answered , LXP!

yes, LXP is about our own little perverted selves. we all have green minds, just in different levels. just like guys whose testosterone levels vary from person to person, age to age, and experience to experience.

believe it or not, some people behind this site may have slowed down coz of different situations or issues. our hits may have slowed down in the process…but one thing’s for sure, a year after, no matter where we are, we still share the same frame of mind when it comes to enjoying the tingling perversions of life without being blatantly rubbish. AND, we will endlessly share our fondness for the green-minded icons of morning radio: the ultimate pervert Chico Garcia and the reluctant pervert Delamar Arias.

so as we subtly celebrate our first year, there seems to be a hump that we should get over with. whether we reach the second year as active as can be, i will always be proud that this idea by some rushers in YM conferences was reared, cracked, and hatched!

well, when you see the word HUMP, what was your first thought?

A. slow down

B. camel

C. hunchback

D. sex

E. boobs

F.  none of the above

no comment, haha!

oh well, cheers to the first anniversary of our own little blogsite. for those non-LXP and non-rushers visiting LXPress, in behalf of the League of Xtraordinary Perverts…thank you!

over the hump




4 responses

17 07 2009

Happy anniversary fellow pervs!!!!!

17 07 2009

camel 😀

17 07 2009

camel ka dyan! i believe joe and i have trained you well enough to answer, uhm, slow down! hehe…

17 07 2009

hunchback! tama ako di ba?! LOL

Happy HUMP day! wooot!

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