Joke Time: Miss Universe Beauty Pageant Q & A Portion

30 07 2009

Contributed by: Dr. DominatRhix



Miss America
Miss Spain
Miss Britain
Miss Philippines
Miss Iran
Miss India
Miss Japan

The question: How would you describe a male organ in your country?


QUESTION : Ms. America, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
MS. AMERICA : Well, I would say that male organs in America are like gentlemen.
QUESTION : Why do you say that?
MS. AMERICA : Because it stands everytime it sees a woman…..

(Applause!…. Applause!)

QUESTION : Ms. Spain, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
MS. SPAIN : Male organs in our country are like toros in our very own bullfight.
QUESTION : Why do you say that?
MS. SPAIN : Because it charges everytime it sees an opening.

(Applause!… Applause!)

QUESTION : Ms. Britain, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
MS. BRITAIN : Male organs in our country are like Shakespearian actors and Heroes.
QUESTION : Why do you say that?
MS. BRITAIN : Because it cries after every performance and because it is buried alive.

(Applause!… Applause!)

QUESTION : Ms. Iran, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
MS. IRAN : Well, I can say that male organs in Iran are like thieves
QUESTION : And why do you say that?
MS. IRAN : Because they always enter through the back door…..

(Applause!… Applause!)

QUESTION : Ms. India, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
MS. INDIA : Well, I can say that a male organ in India is like a labourer.
QUESTION : Why do you say that?
MS. INDIA : Because it works day and night….


QUESTION : Ms. Japan, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
MISS JAPAN: It’s like an actor in a stage play….because it bows down after every performance.


QUESTION : Ms. Philippines, how would you describe a male organ in your country?
MS. PHILIPPINES : Ahh…well, opcors, hihihihi…I can say dat male organs in our country are like chismis…
QUESTION : Chismis???
MS. PHILIPPINES : Ayy! Sorry… It’s ano, ahh kuwan…it means GOSSIP in our language.
QUESTION : Hmm… Interesting comparison. And why do you say that?
MS.PHILIPPINES : Ayy…Dyahe!!!!Hi hi hi hi hi hi…Kasi….I mean because it passes from mouth to mouth..

(STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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