Ebony and Ivory

23 07 2010

by MasterBather

…live together in perfect harmony… goes the classic Beatles song which, of course, describes the keys of the piano. side by side, they create beautiful music in the hands of any skilled musician.

But who ever said only hands could be used to play the piano?;)




4 responses

7 08 2010

i LOL’d so hard!!!! =) thanks for the laugh masterB!!

18 09 2010

hahaha! hwag lang sila maihi habang tumutugtog, hehe…bravo!

9 08 2011
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17 03 2012

what the hell is that comment above? hehe… anyway, since i still am the inactive editor-in-chief (haha!), i noticed you wrote that this is a beatles song… nope, it’s paul mccartney’s post-beatles era and he did ebony and ivory with him as ivory and stevie wonder the ebony! đŸ˜‰

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