Yeeehah! Cotton-Eyed Joe (2nd Anniversary Special)

23 07 2010

Contributed by: Dr. DominatRhix 

Oh yeah…2 years and we’re still here…doin’ what we do best! Congratulations to my fellow extraordinary perverts! LOL

2nd year anniversary, according to traditions we have to give the gift of cotton and so I present to you Cotton-Eyed Joe! Yes, I admit that my blog post is corny…but I still hope that these videos will make your day…and give you a terrible LSS and make you dance the country way! LOL 😛


#1 The “Dirty” Version…

#2 The “Underground” Version (I laughed when I heard the dominatrix-looking lady “sang” the girl part)

#3 The Ladies in the “Cow” Outfit (amazing choreography)

#4 The Ladies in the “Cowboy” Outfit

#5 Lady teaching the country dance (I just find her ass sexy, don’t you agree?) 😀




2 responses

27 07 2010

hooray for cotton! 😛

guilty pleasure ko yata yung Cotton-eyed Joe.

18 09 2010

blocked na?! huhuhu!

happy anniversary co-pervs! 😉

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