Heads Up!

7 08 2010

Look around you and you will see people doing what they’re supposed to be doing. It’s called their jobs. And there is no other job on this planet that can be more complicated than, you guessed it, a blow job.

Most people think that people who give it are having a field day. Not so. Like many things, there are so many factors to be considered before a perfect (or at least a decent) one can be a reality. Samantha Jones (Sex In The City) hit it right on when she gave explicit reasons why it’s called a job: teeth placement, jaw alignment, gag reflex, bobbing up and down while you try to breathe through your nose.

The job, gentlemen is nowhere near easy. As penises come in different shapes and sizes, doing the job requires a lot of skill and if I may add, coordination. Factor in angle, girth, bushiness, odor, taste, intensity of thrusts, unnecessary hand movements – and you got yourself a challenging task. Not to mention the fear of your partner forcing you to take it in even if you don’t want to. Oh, and of course, the “evaluation” after.

So, moral of the story: be nice to those who give it. No other job can be more demanding. Plus the references can sometimes be embarrassing. If you can’t be appreciative, try doing it yourselves. That is, if length and flexibility permits. And we all know not everyone measures up to it.

– dru




3 responses

7 08 2010

parang gusto ko tuloy ng tortang talong.

18 09 2010

yes, not everyone! hehe…

25 07 2011

I couldn’t agree more! Based on my own experience 😀

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