push my buttons

12 11 2010

by MasterBather

you just have to give it to the Japanese… they just take the cake when it comes to “innovation”. maybe when God was thinking of sharing creativity (and wealth and spare time), he must’ve really had a special interest in the Japanese. most of the stuff on those 88-peso stores are very specific tools for a single task.

feeling lonely at night? get a pillow with an appendage that can “hug” you at night.

falling asleep on the train? get the helmet with a plunger to hold your head in place while standing on the MRT!

hate getting your stilletos dirty and wet in the rain? get one with umbrellas!

…why didn’t i think of those things??? argh! 😛 crazy inventions, right? which makes me think that the Japanese are smart people. but a little bit on the loony side. hehe!

but this report from Reuters might change my mind. they have invented the “welcome bra” for tourists. it should make promotion of tourism in Japan a little bit more, well, interesting. 🙂

dang girl, i’ll push *those* buttons and more. and i’d like to see that *other* map of yours.

image from here and you can see the thing in live action here. a little japanese may be required to understand her promo spiel. @OdH, care to translate? 😉




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