How About Yoga for Better Sex?

2 07 2013

by MasterBather

We already covered how food can aid you in bed. Now, we still don’t want you getting stuffed and turning into a couch potato eating yourself into sex. Of course, to balance it out, you need to do some physical activity besides sex.

A lot of people already are into the sexy exercises gaining popularity like pole dancing and strip tease exercises. We however suggest trying out Yoga as an exercise not only for your physical well-being but for your concentration and mental faculties as well. Plus it has the added benefits of improving your sex life in 5 ways:

1. Increasing flexibility
2. Mula Bandha
3. Yogasms
4. Improved Mental Health
5. Exploring Partner Yoga

To get into the details, you can read the article how yoga improves your sex life.




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